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Dalacor, Professional and Enthusiastic IT Support

To ensure that your IT infrastructure is a success with low running costs, maximum reliability and ease of use, you need a company that not only sells and installs IT equipment. They also need to have experience in providing IT Support and Broadband Email Services to schools. We provide this holistic IT Partnership.

About us

We provide a complete IT solution ranging from sales, IT Maintenance support to installation of wireless systems, network cabling, whiteboards and projectors. We also provide a website design, broadband and email service. We are based in Milton Keynes and cover the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Northants and Coventry areas.

Why use us?

Our company's core focus is about creating an IT system that is reliable, simple to use, secure and achieves a lower running cost over the years. Yes we do repair computers and sell computers, but we believe that the role of a professional IT support company is not about fixing and selling computers, but rather about creating an IT solution that works out of the box and allows you to get on with your job.

About Us
Simple Effective Networks

The core philosophy of Dalacor

bullets We keep the network simple.

bullets The network is fast and reliable.

bullets We place a high value on security of our networks as incidences of malware, phishing and hacking exploits increase.

bullets By working together with our clients we are able to reduce IT running costs without reducing quality of service or standards. We achieve this by focusing on value for money, long term running costs and maintaining consistency across the whole IT infrastructure.

Our Services

bullets Year round IT Support and Maintenance.

bullets Wireless and Network Cabling Installations.

bullets Speaker and Sound System Installations.

bullets Whiteboard and Projector Installations.

bullets Sales of IT Equipment.

bullets Broadband and Email Services.

bullets Full Data Backup Service allowing you to recover lost data.

bullets Website Design and CMD service with a focus on simplicity.