Case Studies

Discover how Dalacor has transformed businesses with forward thinking IT solutions. Our philosophy is to create networks that are simple and user-friendly to use. We value reliability, performance and security for our networks ensuring maximum productivity. We understand that budgets are important, so our solutions are structured and designed to provide the maximum benefit for the least outlay ensuring optimal value for money.

Streamlined Data Sharing and Working from Home


An educational organization consisting of geographically separate schools needed a unified network infrastructure that would allow staff across different sites to access and share data seamlessly. Additionally, the organization wanted to enable staff members to work from home effectively and securely.


Dalacor was engaged to design and implement a comprehensive network integration solution. We conducted a thorough assessment of the existing infrastructure and developed a customized plan to establish a unified network for the schools.

We designed and installed a brand new, secure and reliable network that operated seamlessly across sites using secure WAN connections. Authentication and access controls were centralized, while ensuring that local assets such as printers were available for the relevant site. This was accomplished using Domain Structures.

To facilitate remote work, we deployed a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution that enabled staff to securely connect to the organization's network from home or other remote locations. This enabled seamless access to company resources, including files, printers, and databases, in exactly the same way as working on-site within the school premises.


By leveraging our expertise, the educational institution successfully integrated all their geographically separate sites into a unified network environment, providing staff members with seamless access to shared data, regardless of their physical location. The organization experienced improved collaboration and productivity, as staff members could easily work together and access necessary resources regardless of where they were.

Moreover, the remote work enablement aspect of the solution allowed staff members to work efficiently and securely from the comfort of their homes. This flexibility significantly enhanced work-life balance, increased productivity, and ensured business continuity during unforeseen circumstances, such as school closures or Covid.

An additional benefit was enhanced data security with centralized authentication and access control mechanisms. This resulted in reduced IT complexity and cost by consolidating network infrastructure and eliminating duplicate systems.

By partnering with Dalacor, educational institutions and organizations facing similar challenges can achieve seamless network integration and ensure consistent access to data and resources, regardless of geographical location. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let us help you overcome the complexities of merging multiple sites into one efficient network environment.

Cyber Security Case Study: Enhancing Protection Across Multiple Services


Many organisations used multiple service providers for their IT support, Backup, Broadband and Email needs. However, this fragmented approach left them vulnerable to cyber attacks and lacked a comprehensive and holistic strategy for protecting their critical assets.


Dalacor provided a holistic cyber security solution, combining IT Support, Backup, Broadband, Email, Sales and Installation services into an integrated framework. The following key measures were implemented:

  • IT Support Service: Dalacor conducted a thorough security assessment and implemented robust security protocols across the network. This included securing computers, network segmentation, regular vulnerability scanning, patch management, and Cyber Security Policies to enhance cyber awareness and best practices.
  • Backup Service: Dalacor implemented a comprehensive backup solution for the organisation's data. Regular automated backups, offsite storage, data encryption and backup restore testing procedures were employed to ensure data integrity and facilitate swift recovery in the event of a cyber incident.
  • Broadband Service: Dalacor upgraded the broadband infrastructure to systems with advanced security features. Comprehensive firewall and Internet filtering technologies, and secure remote access capabilities were implemented to protect against a variety of threats.
  • Email Service: Dalacor migrated email infrastructure to a secure private cloud platform. Advanced spam and cyber protection filters, email encryption (where possible), automated email archive and retentions policies and multi-factor authentication were implemented to protect against hacking and phishing attacks and unauthorized access to information.


By integrating these services and adopting a proactive approach to cyber security, significant improvements were experienced in the overall protection:

  • Reduced Phishing and Malware Attacks: The advanced email security measures implemented by Dalacor effectively mitigated phishing and malware attacks, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information.
  • Enhanced Network Security: The implementation of network segmentation and robust security protocols significantly strengthened defence against threats, reducing the likelihood of data breaches or unauthorized intrusions.
  • Improved Employee Awareness: Through simple user-friendly Cyber Policies, Dalacor helped employees develop a better understanding of cyber risks and adopt secure practices, reducing the potential for human error.
  • Secure Remote Access: With the secure remote access capabilities implemented by Dalacor, staff could work from any remote location with confidence. Encrypted connections and controlled locked down device access, ensures maximum data protection against Cyber Attacks.
  • Enhanced Data Protection: The comprehensive backup solution provided by Dalacor ensured that all data was regularly backed up, encrypted, and securely stored, enabling rapid recovery in the event of data loss or ransomware attacks.

Transforming Network Performance: Making a Visible Difference


In today's fast-paced business environment, many organizations struggle with slow, unreliable, and difficult-to-use systems that hinder productivity and frustrate users. Despite advancements in technology, outdated network infrastructures, disparate non-integrated systems and inefficient IT systems continue to plague businesses, resulting in wasted time, decreased efficiency, and increased costs.


At Dalacor, our values, mission, vision, and philosophy drive our approach to network design and optimization. We prioritize simplicity, reliability and performance, security, and lower running costs to deliver tangible benefits to our clients.

Simplifying Network Infrastructure: We understand the importance of a network that is easy to use and navigate. By following a consistent design approach and eliminating unnecessary complexities, we transform cumbersome networks into intuitive, user-friendly systems. Our focus on simplicity ensures that users can quickly adapt to the network environment and maximize their productivity.

Reliable and Fast Performance: By leveraging business-grade equipment and emphasizing longevity, we provide our clients with reliable and high-speed network performance. Our commitment to using quality hardware and software, coupled with proactive maintenance practices, ensures that networks run smoothly without frustrating lags, freezes, or downtime. We prioritize the longevity of the infrastructure, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing disruptions to operations.

Enhanced Security: Data security is paramount in today's digital landscape. We place a high value on protecting our clients' sensitive information. Our secure network designs and robust security measures safeguard against potential threats, keeping data confidential and significantly reducing the risk of a data breach. We adhere to industry best practices and regulatory standards, providing peace of mind and mitigating the potential consequences of data breaches.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Our focus on total cost of ownership (TCO) means we go beyond offering cheap and short-term solutions as this is not value for money in the long term. We prioritize long-term value for our clients by considering the full lifecycle costs of the network infrastructure. By implementing cost-effective, reliable and efficient solutions, we help businesses reduce operational expenses, optimize their IT investments, and maximize their return on investment.


Through our values-driven approach, we have witnessed the transformative impact on our clients' operations. Organizations that once struggled with slow, unreliable and expensive networks now experience improved productivity, streamlined operations, and enhanced user satisfaction. The visible difference is evident in smoother workflows, reliable access to resources, optimal security, increased overall efficiency and overall lower running costs over time.


At Dalacor, our mission is to provide comprehensive and tailored IT solutions that drive tangible results for our clients. Through our commitment to simplicity, reliability, security, and value for money, we have successfully transformed businesses across various industries.

Each case study showcases our dedication to understanding our clients' unique challenges and creating innovative solutions to overcome them. Whether it's streamlining data sharing, enhancing cyber security, or reducing IT costs, our values-driven approach ensures the success of every project.

We take pride in helping organizations improve their productivity, increase data security, and achieve seamless network integration. We work closely with our clients, providing ongoing support, and staying ahead of technological advancements to deliver exceptional results.

If you are facing IT challenges or seeking to enhance your business operations, contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let us help you ensure that your IT system supports your business.