Secure and Reliable Email Services

At Dalacor, we provide email services that prioritize the highest level of cyber security and employ sophisticated junk email filtering techniques. Our tailored email solution protects you from cyber threats and ensures an enhanced email experience by effectively reducing unwanted emails from cluttering your inbox.

Email Features

Our email services offer a range of features to enhance your communication and ensure a secure and efficient experience:

UK Hosted Mail Server

Keep your data within the UK and maintain control over its location. Fully compliant with GDPR.

Shared Contacts and Calendars

Collaborate seamlessly across domains with shared contact lists and calendars.

Central Mailing Lists

Manage and distribute information efficiently with centralized mailing lists.

Robust Security Measures

Benefit from extensive security measures that block malware, phishing, hacking and scam emails, safeguarding your accounts and networks.

Unique Junk Email Filtering

Our sophisticated filtering system eliminates unwanted emails from your inbox, saving you time and improving productivity.

Archive and Encrypt Email

Automate and Manage your Email Retention, Archiving and Deletion Processes for full compliance with GDPR and enhanced Cyber Security Protection.

Security Benefits of Our Secure Email Services

Email remains the primary avenue for cyber attacks and data breaches. Our dedicated focus on email security ensures enhanced protection for your business. Here's how our secure email services benefit you:

Enhanced Security Measures

Our highly secure email infrastructure, designed exclusively for business use, enables us to implement stringent security measures that go beyond what is feasible for public email services. You can rest assured knowing that your email accounts are protected by advanced security measures tailored for your organization.

Continuous Threat Monitoring

Our cyber security experts stay vigilant, continuously monitoring and updating our security protocols to keep pace with evolving threats. This proactive approach ensures that your email accounts remain secure against emerging risks.

Proactive Threat Detection

We employ advanced systems to detect and block hacking attempts or malicious emails before they reach your inbox, minimizing the risk of data compromise and preserving the integrity of your communication.

Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

We adhere to strict data privacy regulations, ensuring that your sensitive information is handled with the utmost care and in compliance with relevant laws. This commitment to data privacy safeguards your information and maintains legal compliance.

User Experience Benefits of Our Secure Email Services

Our email services are designed to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience. Here's how our email system enhances your user experience:


Our email service is designed exclusively for business use, catering to a more niche clientele. With a strong focus on security and without the common performance issues experienced on public servers, our service offers rock-solid reliability, minimal downtime, and consistent performance. You can rely on uninterrupted email communication for your business needs.

Save time, increase productivity

Our sophisticated filtering system eliminates unwanted and spam emails from your inbox. This allows you to focus on the emails that are important to you, saving valuable time and improving productivity.

Streamlined Email Experience

Our email services intelligently manage newsletters, social network notifications, and other non-essential emails, ensuring a clutter-free inbox. This allows you to effortlessly prioritize and manage your important communications with ease.

User-Friendly Interface

Our email system offers a simple and user-friendly interface. It is designed to be easy to use, with a clutter-free layout that enhances the user experience and makes email management straightforward.

Prioritizing Cyber Security and Reliability

Reliability and Performance

Our email service is built on a foundation of reliability and consistent performance. With a secure and dedicated infrastructure, free from the complexities of public servers, our service offers rock-solid reliability and minimal downtime for uninterrupted email communication.

Email Filtering for Enhanced Efficiency

We enable users to focus on the emails that truly matter to them. Our sophisticated filtering system intelligently handles newsletters, social media notifications, and other non-essential emails, reducing clutter and allowing you to easily prioritize and manage your important communications.

Cyber Security First

We prioritize cyber security as the foundation of our email services. Our dedicated focus on protecting your business from cyber threats ensures that your email accounts are safeguarded by advanced security measures tailored for your organization.

Simplicity, Reliability and above all Cyber Secure

User-Focused Solutions for Enhanced Productivity

We are dedicated to providing user-focused email solutions that enhance productivity. Our intelligent filtering system and clutter-free interface streamline your email experience, allowing you to easily prioritize and manage important communications. By saving you time and energy, our solutions empower your staff to focus on what matters most.

Reliable Partnership for Business Continuity

We strive to build a reliable and trustworthy partnership with our clients. Our strategy includes continuous monitoring, regular security updates, proactive support, and scalable solutions. By delivering a dependable email service, we ensure uninterrupted communication, allowing your business to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Building a Comprehensive Cyber Security Strategy: The Role of Email Security

Email security is a critical component of a comprehensive cyber security strategy. As the first line of defence, our secure email services protect your business from cyber threats. We combine advanced security measures, continuous monitoring, and proactive threat detection to ensure maximum protection for your organization. While very effective as the first line of defence, we highly recommend complementing your email strategy with our comprehensive Cyber Security Protection Support and IT Sales services to enjoy comprehensive Security Protection.

Get Started with Our Secure Email Services

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