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Maximum Protection against Cyber Attacks such as malware, viruses, scams and account hacks. Includes a uniquely designed junk email filtering system to keep unwanted emails out of your inbox.

Email Features

bullets UK Hosted Mail Server. Know where your data is

bullets To date, our email accounts have never been hacked

bullets Unique Junk Email Filtering designed to eliminate unwanted emails in your inbox

bullets Extensive array of Security measures to block malware, phishing and scam emails

bullets Shared Contacts, Calendars even across domains

bullets Central Mailing Lists

Secure Email, shared calendars and contacts

How we can help you

Email is the main attack vector by which networks are compromised and data is lost. This is through either accounts being hacked or users opening emails containing a virus or malware. Another common mechanism is when users are scammed by emails known as phishing emails, tricking people into thinking the email is legitimate. While we do take care of hosting and managing your email service in terms of storage, setting up email accounts etc, the core focus of our email service is about protecting your email accounts and protecting your networks from hacking, malware, phishing, virues and any other type of Cyber Attack that occurs through email.

Because we only provide Business to Business email, not for the general public, we are able to secure our email server considerably more than a mail server that needs to support the general public. We do this by requiring a much higher minium ciphers, protocols standard. In addition, we have far more extensive measures in place to protect against account hacks, which are not practical to implement on mail servers for the general public. We have invested heavily in Cyber Protecion for all our services, not just email. As a result of this, we are delighted to report that our email accounts have never been hacked! We are very proud of that distinction!

Premium Cyber Security Protection with unique Junk Email Filtering

While email is the main attack vector for network breaches and lost data, this is by no means the only way that your network could be compromised or data lost. We have invested heavily in Cyber Protecion for all our services, not just email. It is vitally important to have Cyber Protection for IT Support, Backup, Broadband, Email as well as IT products such as Anti Virus or Server Raid. Security is about effective layers. You cannot rely on just one layer of security to protect you. We encourage you to consider all our services when making an investment in Cyber Security protection to achieve maximum protection.

Spam, unwanted marketing emails, unwanted newsletters and notifications waste a lot of users time. Over the years we have developed a unique filtering system to block dangerous emails outright, redirect spam and unwanted marketing emails to your Junk Email folder as well as keeping unwanted newsletters, social network notifications etc out of your inbox. This allows you to focus on the emails that are important to you, saving you time and increasing your productivity.