Streamline Your IT Infrastructure with Reliable Solutions

Discover our wide range of hardware and software solutions designed to simplify your IT environment, enhance security, and boost productivity. At Dalacor, we prioritize providing you with reliable, secure, and value for money IT solutions tailored to your business needs. From servers and laptops to anti-virus protection and private cloud systems, we offer comprehensive products that align with our ethos of simplicity, security, reliability, performance and value for money.

Hardware Solutions


Optimize your business operations with reliable and responsive server solutions. Our servers provide the foundation for secure data storage, efficient network management, and seamless collaboration. Experience enhanced performance, scalability, and data security for uninterrupted workflow.

Business-Grade Laptops and Computers

Equip your staff with reliable and responsive laptops and computers that enhance productivity and support your business goals. Our range of laptops and computers offer speed, reliability, and longevity, allowing your employees to work efficiently both in the office and remotely. Experience fast boot times, efficient multitasking, and seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure.

Projectors, Whiteboards and Interactive TVs

Elevate your presentations and meetings with professional-grade projectors and interactive TVs. Enhance engagement, collaboration, and information sharing with high-quality visual displays. Our solutions are designed for optimal placement, easy connectivity, and superior image quality, ensuring impactful and immersive multimedia experiences.


Discover the versatility and mobility of tablets, perfect for a range of business needs. Whether it's enhancing employee productivity on the go or providing interactive educational experiences, tablets offer a sleek and user-friendly solution that complements your existing technology infrastructure. They are particularly well-suited for engaging educational experiences for pupils, providing access to interactive educational software and resources. Whether used by pupils, field technicians, sales representatives, or other roles, tablets can streamline workflows, offer portability, and intuitive touch-based interactions.

However, it's important to note that tablets are not a replacement for computers, but rather complement your IT infrastructure. By understanding your specific business requirements, we can help determine the right mix of tablets and Windows systems to optimize productivity and ensure seamless workflows.

Wireless Solutions

Transform your workplace into a seamless and connected environment with our wireless solutions. Say goodbye to dead spots and slow speeds, and embrace reliable and secure wireless connectivity throughout your premises. Enable flexible work arrangements, enhance collaboration, and improve productivity with a robust wireless network tailored to your specific business needs.

Network and Infrastructure

Ensure fast and reliable network access with our quality network switches. These devices optimize connectivity and data transfer, resulting in improved network performance and reliability. Experience reduced latency and enhanced productivity across your organization. Ensure consistent high-speed and secure internet connectivity using our internet routers. Designed for optimal network performance, our routers support multiple devices. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and slow speeds, and embrace a network infrastructure that enables smooth operations.

Visit our IT Buyers Guide page to learn more about choosing the right IT hardware for your organisation.

Software Solutions

Endpoint Detection Response Protection

Safeguard your business-critical data from cyber threats with our comprehensive EDR malware and virus protection service. EDR also provides protection against compromised or fraudulent websites that you may visit. EDR relies on machine learning and behavioural analysis, but still includes traditional anti virus technology. Our solutions provide real-time threat analysis, cloud based updates and proactive threat detection for peace of mind. EDR is the successor to traditional Anti Virus Software. Whilst most people still call EDR software Anti Virus Software, Anti Virus products have been largely superseded by EDR. Protect your systems from malware, ransomware, and other online threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your sensitive information.

Microsoft Licensing

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft's powerful suite of software solutions with our Microsoft Licensing options. Ensure compliance and access essential tools such as Windows desktop, Servers, and Office applications. Benefit from regular updates, security patches, and a familiar and user-friendly interface that drives collaboration and productivity.

Effortlessly Simplify Data Sharing with External Stakeholders

Experience the power of our Private Portal Solution, designed to simplify data access and collaboration. Our user-friendly portal seamlessly integrates with Windows networks, providing a familiar interface for easy navigation of your organization's data. Grant granular access to specific subsets of data for external stakeholders, such as pupils, parents, or partners, enhancing collaboration and information sharing.

With our secure messaging system, confidential communication within the platform becomes efficient and streamlined. As the messaging system is internal, it is protected from the kind of malware and fake email issues that plague regular email.

By consolidating various software platforms into a unified portal, you can reduce costs, eliminate data duplication, and improve productivity. Our solution ensures efficient information management for all stakeholders involved, while enhancing data security and avoiding reliance on large companies who may experience frequent outages. Say goodbye to the complexity and limitations of public cloud platforms, moving into the future with our secure and user-friendly portal.

Unleash the Power of Windows Networks

At Dalacor, we specialize in Windows networks and believe in the numerous benefits they offer for businesses and educational institutions. Our expertise lies in providing tailored solutions, support, and security measures specifically designed for Windows environments. While Chromebooks offer a different way of managing and accessing your data, they come with limitations in functionality and reliance on external factors such as Internet and Cloud stability. One major concern with Cloud platforms is the potential loss of control over your own data, increased likelihood of data breaches and the environment, as certain platforms or functionality may be discontinued over time. By focusing on Windows networks, we ensure maximum control, maximum security and maximum flexibility to meet your organization's needs.

Why Choose Us

  • Reliable and responsive hardware and software solutions
  • Cost-effective solutions with a focus on long-term value
  • Simplified IT infrastructure and streamlined workflows
  • Improved productivity and collaboration capabilities
  • Enhanced data security and protection against cyber threats

Discovering the Right IT Solutions

At Dalacor, our approach to sales is centred around understanding our clients' needs, providing value for money solutions, and delivering exceptional customer service. We believe in building strong, long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, transparency, and mutual success.

Understanding Your Business

We take the time to understand your unique business requirements, challenges, and goals. We work closely with you to identify cost-effective hardware and software solutions that align with your specific needs and budget.

Comprehensive Product Knowledge

We offer in-depth knowledge of the products and services we provide. We stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, technological advancements, and best practices, ensuring that we can provide accurate and informed recommendations to maximize the value of your investment.

Value for Money Solutions

We believe in providing solutions that deliver value for money. We focus on the long term running costs, reliability, security, ease of use and performance to guarantee a system that is fit for purpose. We deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or performance by balancing costs versus benefits ensuring effective ROI.

Ensure Reliability, Performance and Longevity

Working in Partnership

Our strategy is to build long-term partnerships with our clients. We aim to be your trusted IT solutions provider, supporting your business's growth and success over the long term. As your business evolves, we continue to provide proactive recommendations and ongoing support to ensure your technology infrastructure remains optimized.

Holistic Solutions

By choosing Dalacor as your IT solutions provider, you gain access to a wide range of services and products under one roof. Our comprehensive offerings cover IT Support, Backup, Broadband, Email, Sales and Installations ensuring a holistic solution that streamlines your IT infrastructure and simplifies your operations. With a single point of contact, you can benefit from seamless integration, consistent service delivery, and the convenience of managing all your IT needs with one trusted partner.

Exceptional Customer Service

We prioritize delivering exceptional customer service throughout the sales process. We are dedicated to providing prompt responses, clear communication, and ongoing support. We are committed to your satisfaction and strive to exceed your expectations at every step.

Navigate the IT Landscape

Read our Buyers Guide. to help familiarise yourself with the considerations and pitfalls of IT Procurement. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover how our value-driven solutions can maximize your return on investment and drive your business forward.