Accessibility Statement

The company's founder, who has personally experienced hearing difficulties since birth, deeply values the significance of creating an environment that empowers everyone to participate equally. Our commitment to fostering an environment where everyone can actively engage and contribute drives us to enhance the user experience for all. As technology advances, we persistently align ourselves with evolving accessibility standards to ensure an accessible digital space.

Equal Participation for all

Accessibility Features

Our website strives to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AA standards. The following are some of the accessibility features implemented:

  • Keyboard Navigation: The website has been designed to be navigable using a keyboard alone. Users can use the Tab key to move between interactive elements and Shift + Tab to move backwards.
  • Focus States: Keyboard users can navigate through interactive elements using clearly visible focus states.
  • Skip Navigation Link: A "Skip to Content" link is provided to allow keyboard users to bypass repetitive navigation and jump directly to the main content of the page.
  • Contrast and Readability: We have designed our website with good colour contrast, font sizing and typography choices, including responsive design to enhance readability.
  • Alternative Text for Images: Text placeholders for images have been added for visitors that don't wish to see images.

How to use our website

  • Prefer to use a keyboard: We have implemented Keyboard Navigation, Focus States and Skip Navigation Link functionality to support keyboard only users. All browsers support keyboard navigation by the use of Tab and Shift. Our Focus States create a visual border around the currently selected item on the page, making it very easy to see where you are on the website. The Skip Navigation Link enables keyboard users to bypass the navigation menu when browsing the website by keyboard to avoid having to navigate the same navigation menu on every page.
  • Prefer larger fonts or different colours: While we have made every effort to use font types, sizes, colours and contrasts to enhance readability, we understand that some visitors may prefer to change the fonts or colours accordingly. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, we have decided to rely on the accessibility functionality of your browser and operating system to apply your preferred changes. We recommend using your browser accessibility features to enhance your browsing experience. Our website is responsive to any size screen, adjusting font sizes in scale.
  • Prefer to remove visual distractions: Not everyone enjoys visually appealing background colours as it creates a distraction that detracts from their reading experience. If you prefer a cleaner reading experience with no visual distractions, we recommend Firefox Reader View for a distraction free reading experience. Firefox works on all operating systems. Edge on Windows offers Immersive Reader. For Mac and Ipad users, Safari offers similar functionality called Reader Mode.
  • Prefer an audio experience: For our visitors that prefer to browse our website via audio, we recommend Firefox Reader View to read the website aloud to you. Firefox works on all operating systems. Edge on Windows offers Narrator. For Mac and Ipad users, Safari offers similar functionality called VoiceOver. For Linux users, Gnome provides Orca for voice functionality.
  • Looking for dedicated Screen Readers: For Windows users, we recommend JAWS and NVDA. For Macs/Ipads, we recommend Apple's built-in Reader Mode and VoiceOver functionality. For Linux users, Gnome provides Orca.

Browser and Device Compatibility

Our website is optimized to work on a variety of modern browsers and devices. We do not support obsolete browsers for both security and website design compatibility reasons. Users can adjust browser accessibility settings for text size, contrast, and other accessibility preferences. In addition, most modern browsers support reading and audio modes as well. We have designed our website to scale well regardless of font size. Should you require more support, we recommended a dedicated screen reader program.

Our website was designed using Firefox as the main browser as we prefer Firefox.

Contact Us

If you encounter any accessibility issues or have suggestions for improvement, please email us. Our contact details are in the footer of every page.