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Broadband is more than just the Internet Service. How well is your network protected against Cyber Attacks? How effective is your Internet Filtering System? Do you know what websites and searches are being viewed on your Internet? Does it offer secure hack-proof remote access to your data?

Content Filtering

bullets Chat programs like Snapchat and Skype

bullets Hate, Racism and Discrimination

bullets Illegal or Dangerous activities

bullets Gambling and Dating

bullets Email

bullets Social Websites like Facebook and Twitter

bullets Guns and Violence

bullets Bullying and Grooming

bullets Radicalisation and Terrorism

bullets Pornography

Accessing your data remotely

Covid has shown that it is possible for a surprising number of people to work remotely whilst still accessing all your data. Long before Covid came along, many networks had already been setup to enable staff to work remotely.

Being able to Access your data remotely is now pretty much a mandatory requirement for any modern workplace. The benefits are undeniable. However, there are three core problems with a working remotely model.

  • Cyber Security implications - if you can access your data remotely, so can the criminals!
  • Some Remote Access systems are difficult to use or have limited functionality.
  • Some Remote Access systems are very, very expensive.

Our solution is simple to use allowing you to work remotely in exactly the same way you would on site. We believe that far too many solutions are unsatisfactory as they are too complicated to use or lack functionality. Our focus is on simplicity and consistency.

Remote Access that is Easy to use, Secure and Inexpensive

We have implemented a large number of different security measures to prevent against hacking. Secure remote access comes as default with our remote access service. Many other solutions expect you to pay extra for the Cyber Protection you need!

E-Safety Reporting

Do you know what websites are being visited on your Internet? Do you know what sort of Internet Searches are being made? Are you alerted to any e-safety concern. A surprising number of organisations have a content filter where websites are blocked or in a safe allowed list, yet have absolutely no idea what is being viewed on their Internet.

Know what content is being viewed on your Internet

This means there is no way to tell if the content filtering system is effective. There are no warnings if there is anything or anyone to be concerned about, regardless of whether it's a user on your network or there has been a breach resulting in suspicious hacking activity.

Simple Concise Reports

Our Broadband Cyber Security Protection ensures that we know if there is suspicious, malicious activity on your network indicating a breach as result of malware, phishing etc.

Our reporting system ensures that you have regular reports on Internet activity so you can review the effectivenss of the filtering system and determine if any users not adhering to your Internet Usage Policy. You are immediately alerted in the event of a serious concern.

Broadband Features

bullets FTTC/FTTP - Fibre to the Cabinet/Premises

bullets Leased Lines

bullets Prevent and Ofsted Compliant

bullets E-Safety Policy

bullets Remote Access to all your data

bullets Block Malware infected, Phishing and Hacked Websites

bullets Block unsuitable websites and content

bullets Search Terms Filtered

bullets Allow key workers access to blocked websites

bullets E-Safety Reporting and Alerts

bullets Cyber Security Alerts if network is compromised

bullets Firewall Protection against a Cyber Attack