Secure, Reliable, High-Performance Broadband Services

Experience the power of reliable and high-performance broadband connectivity combined with advanced cybersecurity, content filtering, and secure remote access capabilities. Dalacor's broadband services are designed to provide a safe online environment, protect against cyber threats, and enable secure remote access to your network, while ensuring reliability and performance.

Our Broadband Solutions

We offer broadband services with a strong focus on reliability, performance, cybersecurity, e-safety, and secure remote access:

Fibre Internet

Standard internet connectivity suitable for most organizations, ensuring reliable and high-performance connectivity.

Leased Lines

High-performance connectivity for organizations requiring greater speed and performance than standard internet options.

Content Filtering

Comprehensive website categorization, search term filtering, and keyword filtering to ensure a safe browsing environment and e-safety support.

Remote Access

Secure VPN connectivity that enables staff to access data remotely, prioritizing security, reliability, and simplicity for seamless remote work.

Cyber Security Measures

Advanced cybersecurity measures, including firewalls, malware protection, and real-time threat monitoring, to safeguard your network and data.

The Benefits of Our Broadband Services

By choosing Dalacor for your broadband needs, you can enjoy the following advantages:

Reliability and Performance

Experience minimal downtime and consistent speeds for uninterrupted productivity. Say goodbye to slow, temperamental internet connectivity or intermittent downtime.

Safe and Secure Browsing Experience

Create a safe browsing environment, granular site access to key staff, block malicious websites and receive e-safety alerts and reports.

Seamless Remote Work

Enable staff to work remotely, from any location with secure VPN connectivity, maintaining productivity and flexibility.

Data Protection

Protect your users and network from breaches with comprehensive cybersecurity measures to maximize data security.

Expert Support

Our dedicated support ensures optimal performance and provides prompt technical assistance.

Reliable Broadband, Secure Data Access

Value for Money: Maximizing Cybersecurity ROI

Cybersecurity and content filtering solutions can be very expensive and complex, often raising concerns about their cost-effectiveness. At Dalacor, we focus on delivering the best value for your investment. We carefully select and implement cybersecurity measures that offer the most effective protection at a reasonable price. Our goal is to strike the perfect balance between comprehensive security and cost efficiency, ensuring you get maximum cybersecurity ROI at an affordable price.

User-friendly: Seamless Remote Data Access

Seamless data access is vital for modern organizations, especially in the era of remote work. Our approach to remote access solutions prioritizes simplicity, reliability and ease of use. We believe that accessing data should be as straightforward as if you were physically present in the office. We eliminate the complexity and limitations of relying solely on public cloud solutions, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free data access experience for your staff.

Secure Connectivity Solutions that work for you

Empowering Hybrid Work Environments with Seamless Collaboration

In today's post-Covid age, remote work and hybrid working have become essential for modern organizations. Our strategy is to offer the user-friendly benefits of a local network with complete control over environment and security while supporting the flexibility and hybrid working requirements of forward-thinking organizations. We provide secure remote VPN access solutions that enable seamless collaboration and productivity.

Trusted Partner: Ensuring Business Continuity

Internet connectivity has become as essential as electricity. At Dalacor, our strategy revolves around assuming full responsibility for the installation, maintenance, updates, and configuration of these systems. By taking a hands-on approach, we ensure optimal performance and reliability tailored to your organization's needs. Our top priority is to guarantee uninterrupted day-to-day operations, enabling your business to operate seamlessly.

Building a Comprehensive Cyber Security Strategy: The Role of Broadband Security

Our comprehensive cyber security strategy revolves around implementing multiple layers of protection to safeguard your network and data. We believe in a security-in-layers approach, where different services and products work together to provide robust protection against cyber threats.

With our broadband service, we prioritize restricting the attack surface area and mitigating the ability of hackers or malware to achieve their goals. Our network infrastructure, advanced cybersecurity measures, vulnerability assessments and proactive monitoring form the foundation of our security strategy, ensuring a secure online environment for your business.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend complementing your broadband service with our comprehensive Cyber Security Protection Support, Backup Protection, Email and IT Sales services. By combining our broadband service with these additional security layers, you can establish a holistic and robust cybersecurity strategy.

Get Started with Our Broadband Services

Experience secure, reliable, and high-performance broadband connectivity with Dalacor's broadband services. Contact us today to discuss your broadband requirements and we will guide you in choosing the best broadband solution with content filtering, cybersecurity, and remote access capabilities for your specific needs.