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All your data is backed up offsite, so your data is protected against fire, theft and malware! Entire Servers can also be backed up, not just your data.

Backup Features

bullets An off-site backup service - your data is secure from theft, fire and malware.

bullets Daily backups with up to 25 revisions allowing you to recover data that was accidentally deleted or altered. The most common restore request is to recover deleted documents. Does your current backup provider allow you to do this?

bullets A weekly snapshot of your servers. Our system will allow us to restore Servers and data without a costly server re-install first before restoring data.

bullets A backup service is of no use if nobody knows whether the backup is working properly. We monitor your backups, taking action should a backup fail to occur! We periodically do a test restore to ensure that a backup can be restored.

Set and Forget Backup

How we can help you

Backups are very important obviously to help safeguard against data loss. However, unfortunately too many people rely only on backups to protect their date. In our view, Backups should be the absolute last line of defence - scorched earth theory - when all other measures have failed. We highly recommend our Cyber Security Protection Support and IT Sales services to protect your data in conjunction with backing up all your data.

Our backup service is a managed service. What this means is that unlike backup clouds where you pay per Gigabyte, we take responsibility for your backups. When setting up the backup software, we ensure that only the data you want backed up is actually backed up. We monitor the status of the backups to ensure that backups are taking place daily without any errors. Regular restore tests are done to ensure that any data backed up can be properly restored. One of the most tragic results in a disaster recovery restore is finding out that either your data backup has not been working for months or for some reason the data cannot be restored or not all the data you wanted backed up was actually being backed up. As part of a managed service, we take care of all this for you.

Your data is safely backed up to servers maintained by us. We do not outsource the security or management of the backup service to anyone. As a result, we are able to ensure a secure system that has a much higher level of protection against Cyber Attacks.