Comprehensive Secure Data Backup Protection

At Dalacor, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your valuable data. Our comprehensive backup services provide reliable and secure solutions to protect your business-critical information from loss, corruption, or unauthorized access. With our tailored backup strategies and advanced technologies, we ensure that your data remains accessible and recoverable, minimizing downtime and preserving business continuity.

Our Backup Solutions

We offer a range of backup solutions to cater to diverse business requirements:

On-Site Backup

Our on-site backup solutions involve regular backups of your data to local storage devices within your premises. This approach offers fast backup and recovery times and allows for quick access to data when needed. In most restore scenarios, the local backup would be optimal.

  • Automated and Secure: Our local on-site backup services utilize advanced encryption and automated backup processes, ensuring the security and integrity of your data throughout transmission and storage.
  • Data Recovery: In the event of data loss or system failures, our local storage solutions enable speedy data recovery, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity. The most frequent request for Data Recovery is to restore deleted files or folders. Local storage recovery is far more suited for this task than cloud.
  • Efficient Backup Systems: We deploy inexpensive, yet robust backup systems that automatically and securely store your data on local storage devices, such as network-attached storage (NAS) or external usb hard drives.

Cloud Backup

Our cloud backup services offer a secure and reliable off-site backup solution that eliminates the limitations and risks associated with traditional on-site methods. With cloud backups, you have peace of mind knowing your data is protected against physical disasters, theft, malware or on-site incidents.

  • Automated and Secure: Our cloud backup services utilize advanced encryption and automated backup processes, ensuring the security and integrity of your data throughout transmission and storage.
  • Data Redundancy: Your backups are saved in a geographically different location in a secure data centre, minimizing the risk of data loss due to localized disasters or hardware failures.
  • Remote Access and Recovery: With cloud backups, you can easily access and restore your data from anywhere with an internet connection, providing convenience and enabling swift recovery in case of emergencies.
  • Flexible and Scalable: Cloud backups offer the flexibility to scale your storage capacity as your data grows, without the need for additional hardware investments or maintenance.

The Benefits of Our Backup Services

By choosing Dalacor for your backup services, you can enjoy the following advantages:

Peace of Mind

Protect your critical data against accidental deletions, hardware failures, natural disasters, or cyber threats, knowing that your backups are securely stored and easily recoverable. We take care of all the details of installing, configuring, monitoring and testing your backups. The single biggest tragedy many businesses experience when they want to restore lost data, is finding out the backup solution installed many years ago had been failing to backup the data for some time or the restore process failed. We regularly test the backup and restores to ensure your data can be recovered in the event of a disaster.

Business Continuity

Minimize downtime and ensure the continuity of your operations with reliable backup and recovery solutions that allow for swift data restoration. However, while backups are an essential protection, we regard backups as the last line of defence when all other measures have failed. To ensure business continuity we recommend our Cyber Security protection support.

GDPR Compliance

Ensure compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR, through our backup services. Our robust encryption and secure storage in our data centres help maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your backed-up data, protecting sensitive information and meeting regulatory requirements. We will continue to adhere to GDPR principles, even if the UK drops GDPR as a requirement as we believe that GDPR is an essential guideline to follow to effectively protect data. Our data centres are all UK based.

Scalability and Flexibility

Our backup services can be tailored to accommodate your changing data storage needs, providing scalable solutions that grow with your business.

Expert Support

Our dedicated IT professionals are available to provide ongoing support, monitoring, and maintenance of your backup systems, ensuring their optimal performance and reliability.

Steps to protecting your data

At Dalacor, we follow a comprehensive approach to backup services, ensuring that your data is protected and recoverable:

Backup assessment and planning

We conduct a thorough assessment of your data backup requirements, considering factors such as data volume, criticality, and retention policies. Based on the assessment, we develop a backup plan that aligns with your business needs.

Backup implementation

Our experienced technicians install the backup solution, configure backup schedules and profiles, storage options, and encryption measures. We leverage advanced backup technologies such as file versioning to streamline the backup process and optimize efficiency.

Regular backup monitoring and maintenance

We monitor the backup system to ensure its proper functioning and perform regular maintenance tasks such as testing backups, verifying data integrity, and updating backup configurations as needed. A major cause of data loss is the discovery that the restore process fails to restore any data or that the backup has not been working for some time. Regular testing and monitoring is essential.

Data recovery and restoration

In the event of data loss or system failure, our backup services enable swift data recovery. We assist you in restoring your data to its original state, minimizing downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Continual improvement and updates

We stay up to date with the latest advancements in backup technologies and best practices. As your business evolves, we proactively review and update your backup strategies to ensure they remain aligned with your changing needs.

Building Resilient Data

Data Protection

We prioritize the protection of your valuable data. Our backup services are designed to securely store and safeguard your business-critical information, protecting against data loss, corruption, or Cyber breaches. By implementing robust backup strategies and advanced technologies, we minimize the risks associated with data vulnerabilities and provide you with peace of mind.

Business Continuity

Ensuring business continuity is a key objective of our backup services. In the event of data loss, system failures, or disasters, we offer swift and reliable data recovery solutions. By minimizing downtime and facilitating seamless data restoration, we help you maintain operational continuity and minimize the impact on your business.

Building a Comprehensive Cyber Security Strategy: The Role of Data Backups

"Backups play a crucial role in protecting your data against loss. However, relying solely on backups can leave your organization vulnerable to various threats. Backups should be the final layer of defence, the 'scorched earth' strategy, when all other security measures have been exhausted. We highly recommend complementing your backup strategy with our comprehensive Cyber Security Protection Support and IT Sales services. We will work with you to implement robust security measures, including proactive threat monitoring, vulnerability assessments, and tailored solutions to mitigate the risks of data breaches and cyber attacks. By combining our backup services with advanced security measures, you can ensure the utmost protection for your data, guarding against potential leaks or unauthorized access."

Safeguard Your Data Today

Protect your valuable data and ensure business continuity with our reliable and secure backup services. Contact us today to discuss your backup requirements, and we will work with you to develop a backup strategy tailored to your specific needs.