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IT Support

A really good IT Support company is about more than just fixing computers. We can help you with your IT budgeting, Forward Planning, Risk Assessments and IT Policies. We also provide support to protect your data against Cyber Attacks such as malware and account breaches.

IT Support Features

bullets Expert knowledge and consultancy.

bullets Same day remote support in most instances.

bullets Your own dedicated technician that knows you and your network.

bullets We invest heavily in Protection against Cyber Attacks.

bullets No extra charges for callouts for emergency and maintenance onsite visits.

bullets One year and three year IT Maintenance contracts available.

bullets Capable enough to cope, small enough to care. Professional yet Personal.

IT Support
IT Support with a personal touch

How we can help you

Our company's core focus is about creating an IT system that is simple to use, reliable, secure and achieves a lower running cost over the years. Yes, we do repair and sell computers, but we believe that the role of a professional IT support company is not about fixing and selling computers, but rather about creating an IT solution that works out of the box and supporting you with IT forward planning, so you can focus on your job.

Having a simple to use, reliable network is not much good without security! We can support you in protecting your network against Cyber Attacks. Security is a core focus of our service and we have invested heavily in Cyber Security Protection.

A big source of frustration for clients regarding IT, is the lack of support in managing the IT infrastructure at boardroom CIO level. Clients need help with knowing when to replace IT equipment, budgeting for IT, assessing IT risks as well as strategic support. We take care of the time-consuming managerial details of IT and provide you with the overview.

We do not charge Call out fees as we understand that clients need a support contract where the price they see is the price they pay. Our emergency callouts and any onsite maintenance visits that need to be made are included in the contract price.

Because we provide Backup, Broadband, Email, IT Sales and Installations in addition to IT Support, our networks benefit from being easy to use, reliable, more secure and value for money using this integrated holistic and complementary approach.

The Personal Touch

The personal touch is something that is very important to us. While it is important to be professional and provide the best service possible, it is very clear that people long for the personal human touch from companies. As an IT Support Company we understand that we are not just dealing with computers here, our business is building a relationship with our clients.

What most clients really want is to be able to speak to the same person each and every time. Someone that knows their network inside out and backwards and get the problem resolved without having to spend hours on the phone being transferred from one department to another etc. Having one person responsible for your network creates the personal feeling of responsibility and taking ownership of a problem that is so lacking in big corporations today.

Your own personal technician - No Call Centres

Our approach to IT Support with a dedicated technician ensures that there are no security gaps as result of having no technician who has a complete overview of your network. In addition, everything is setup consistently to work in the same way, which is a commmon failing with having different technicians deal with different IT Support Requests.